Day 15

30 Day Book Challenge

At the halfway mark woo!

15. A character that you can relate to most.

I can’t think of just one character because I feel like there isn’t one character I can fully relate to, but rather lots of characters that I can relate to in part.


Luna Lovegood because I often feel like an outcast, like I’m a bit weirder than others, but also that I’m happy to be that way. I’m happy to have my own place in this world where I can be independent and myself.

Hermione Granger, because we read!

Isla (um I can’t remember last name right now), because I’m shy, quiet, insecure and a hopeless romantic.

Alice Black because she is the main character in the novel (Dreams of Speaking by Gail Jones) that I am writing my thesis on, so pretty much, as my mind is full with Alice Black at the moment, I’m finding myself relate to her more and more.

I also asked my boyfriend what fictional character I am most like, though it’s not strictly the same question but close enough. He said:

Jane Eyre because I’m stoic.

Fanny Price because that’s his favourite Jane Austen heroine so I must be like her I suppose! Except perhaps a bit more upbeat about life, and not so timid.

He also gave a lot of other examples, but I’ll just stick to those :).


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