Day 14

30 Day Book Challenge

14. A book that made you cry.

Okay. Well. The most obvious choice for me would be the seventh Harry Potter book, but because all us HP fans know what it’s like to cry because of EVERYTHING that happens in that book, I’m gonna go with a book that I know a lot of people haven’t read.


A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is, I think, the saddest novel I’ve ever read. Even if it was a piece of fiction and not a memoir of Ishmael Beah’s own life as a boy soldier during Sierra Leone Civil War it would still be an incredibly moving and sad story. But I think the fact that it is Beah’s own account of his experiences of losing his family, being scared, homeless, starved, beat, and forced to kill people for his own survival makes it a really difficult book to read without crying. I remember not being able to put this book down, but at the same time feeling so horrified at the events and not only full of sorrow, but also full of anger. No one should have to experience things like this ever (well, that’s a given perspective unless you’re an absolutely hateful person) and the fact that Ishmael was one of the luckier ones is a horrible thing to think. There are so many awful things in this world, and sometimes that really makes me wish there was an alternate universe we good people could just apparate to (if the world was a magical place like in Harry Potter) where nothing bad like this ever happened. Very unlikely I know, but a girl can dream.

I really recommend that you read this novel. It will get you out of your little bubble for a moment and really make you think about some of the horrible things people around the world experience every day, what they have to do to survive, what their daily living circumstances are like. Just talking about this novel and everything that connects to it is making me sad.

Ishmael Beah is a legend! Look him up.


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