Day 13

30 Day Book Challenge

13. A book that disappointed you. 

I recently decided to try out reading a book on my ipad because I was bored one day and felt like reading something stupid and trashy. Stupider and trashier was what I got, but I should have known that from reading an ebook. But, sometimes it’s good to know what the competition is like. And I’m telling you, ebooks have nothing on real books.


The book I read is called That Boy by Jillian Dodd, which people on Goodreads seemed to love, so I thought it would at least be entertaining. It wasn’t. It was a book full of dribble from an idiotic, dramatic girl so obsessed with her American flag bikini and all the hot guys, including her friend Danny, she could mingle with at parties that she was far too dense to even realise her feelings for her childhood friend Patrick. And when she did finally realise her feelings, I couldn’t care less because it was all just anit-climatic and badly-paced and poorly written and dull. Not even the major tragedy the character, whatever her name was, experienced stood out to me. I didn’t finish reading it, skimmed most of it, and now gonna forget all about it.


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