Day Seven

30 Day Book Challenge


7. A guilty pleasure book. 

I’m finding this a difficult question to answer. I suppose there are many books that I liked when I was “younger” but now don’t see their appeal quite as much, or at least I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite novels anymore. I’m talking about books I used to be obsessed with like Twilight and The Evernight series, or books that I only read the first of but was never interested in reading the next, like Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo series, and many more paranormal teen romance sagas. Probably the only series of the teen paranormal craze that I still like is Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments (I read the finale book in a couple of days), and The Infernal Devices (which, as a prequel, I like even more). I admit I am interested in reading Clare’s next Shadowhunter instalment. So if I had to say that anything is my “guilty pleasure” book it would have to be those. Especially when I’m in a relationship with someone who tried to read City of Bones and couldn’t get through it and told me Clare’s writing was horrible. (My boyfriend is pretty skeptical of all YA fiction that I like/have liked, he’s a bit of a book snob that way, but he has great taste and has introduced me to many other amazing books I might not have read if it wasn’t for him). 

Anyway. What does it matter? I like what I like and I’m happy reading what I want to read and enjoying many different books. Still so much to read! 😀



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