Day Two

30 Day Book Challenge


I’ve actually been asked a similar to question to this recently by smalltowncitygirls who nominated me for the Liebster Awards. 

Like with any question that begins with “Favourite character” my first answer is always Ron Weasley. There’s no character in the whole fictional world who will ever go above Ron Weasley. At first I was going to give the same answer to this question, but I can’t really see Ron as a “side” character, he will always be a main character to me, really.  So I’ve had to do a fair bit of thinking for this, even though I could have just gone with numerous other Harry Potter characters like Luna Lovegood and Hedwig. Anyway. This was difficult to answer because my brain is pretty full with my thesis revision stuff today.

In the end I chose another red head (coincidence!) even though he could also be considered a “main”(I’m not even sure to what degree this ‘side’ character has to be)… but well, screw the technicalities. 

2. Favourite Side Character 

Samwise Gamgee. Like Ron, he just doesn’t get enough credit by most people I think. He’s downplayed quite a bit, underrated. I don’t know how any one could argue against him though. I mean, come on! Where would Frodo be without good ol’ Sam? He’s the best, very stable, has good morals and a heart of gold. Yeah, I said it. He’s wonderful in both book (which I have read most of though some of I couldn’t help skimming through) and movie version. I always go for the underdog. Favourite kind of character for sure. 

Merry and Pippin are pretty awesome, too :). 


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