Currently Reading….


Robin Hobb’s first novel of the Assassin’s Apprentice series. 

My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday last week. It’s my first real fantasy genre novel that I’ve ever started reading (unless you count Tolkien? Which I suppose we can!). Anyway. I’m determined to see this through. Only two chapters through and it seems very promising. Hobb is a brilliant writer. I mean, to be able to break my heart in only two chapters is quite an amazing feat. Seriously. I’m excited to continue reading this. 

It’s a shame I’m having to focus on my study and work and need for sleep so much lately. Otherwise I think I’d stay in bed for days reading this, and all the other books I desperately want to read….

I shall write a full review of this novel whenever I come to finishing it. 

(Note: I do realise I have said the same about Watership Down. I’m on it. Or I will be soon. I’m actually thinking of writing on it for my last assignment of university, so that should allow for ample thinking time to write up a review that pays the novel the respect it deserves). 



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