S.E Hinton’s The Outsiders

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I have just started reading S. E Hinton’s classic novel The Outsiders, surprisingly for the first time! I only heard about it a few months ago when my boyfriend recommended it to me. And have only recently, in between trying to read Ulysses, Tender Buttons and Rose Michael’s The Asking Game. If you haven’t read The Outsiders you should. Hinton’s way with words is really quite interesting and moving. Often pretty internal, as told from Ponyboy’s point of view. Sometimes the plot feels like it’s progressing too fast, and other times it feels like it’s moving at a slower pace, almost like stopping to watch the sunset. Something you’ll understand when you read it. It’s a very clever and insightful novel about the social and class distinctions between the Greasers and the Socs, and I am in awe about how Hinton wrote it when she was still in high school. Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

I plan on adding to this post once I’ve actually finished the novel. I’m a bit slack at writing reviews, but I think I definitely should start doing it. 

Keen to watch the movie version as well! 


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